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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 18, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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a man li 53-year-old charles se was behind bars on gun charges when they named him as a suspect in high profile murders. ron kirby in november, ruth an rodano and the wife of alexandria's former sheriff in 2003. he is being held without bond. prosecutors say he is a flight risk and a danger to the community. >> jody arias, her life will once again be in the hands of a jury. a second sentencing phase set to begin in september to decide if she will get the death penalty. the 33-year-old was convicted
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last may of murdering her boyfriend. jurors couldn't reach a decision on a sentence. if the next set of jurors can't reach a unanimous decision it will be removed and a judge will decide if she will be eligible for parole. >> the singer behind bars until april 23rdrd. that's when a judge will determine if he violated his probation. he was locked up on friday after getting kicked out of rehab. he made a threat during a group session saying i am good at using guns and knives. he refused a drug test and touched a female. he started rehab in november for anger management. that's where kanye west is headed now. he struck a plea deal in an assault case from this video last july. he is seen getting into a fight with a photographer. the singer pleaded no contest in the case and was put on probation for two years. he has to complete 250 hours of
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community service and 24 sessions of anger management counseling. so more than 2 dozen countries aviation experts and military search teams there all looking for the missing malaysian flight. but leave it to courtney love to solve the mystery? ♪ the rock star took to facebook to share satellite images that she discovered on an on-line mapping service. it allows everyday people to look for the plane. she posted this photo with the caption i am not expert but close-up this does look like a plane with an oil slick. >> they are already facing a justice department probe for the faulty ignition switches. they are recalling millions more vehicles. jolene kemp has that news and other top business stories.
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what temperature is th-- compan this? >> general motors issued recalls. this after the ignition switch recall that is causing a federal investigation. this is the 2009 and 13 models and cadillacs akayed yeas and traverse and saturn outlook. it is a long list of cars. dyson is recalling 1 million fan heaters because of a fire risk ment the heater may have a short circuit problem. no injuries have been reported but the devices are sold in more than 65 countries. apple's operating system might drain your batteries but there are solutions. some say after upgrading th batteries dropped 50 percent a
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problem. they recommend putting it through several charge or recharge cycles. wal-mart the country's largest retailer is expected to announce today starting march 26th they may trade in old video games for credit at most of the stores. it gives customers credit for used cab lets and old smart phones you can put to new devices. sounds like a pretty good deal. thanks, jo. >> 19 minutes after the top of the hour. we have all heard that secondhand smoke is bad for you. what about thirdhand smoke? the dangers that could be lurking in the walls of your house. >> what do you think about this? a fight owe the flusher in one neighborhood why one homeowner is refusing to move toilets from his trees? why would he do that? >> art. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the...
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>> the california man who hacked into t into the miss teen usa will spend 8 months behind bars. jared abram admitted he hijacked the lap top and took pictures and video of the video queen while she was undressing in her room. they were former classmates and graduates from the same high school two years ago. >> what do you think about this? pot for vets? the federal government approved money for a study looking for marijuana as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. the department of health and human services cleared the purchase of marijuana run by the farm and drug abuse in mississippi. the federal government has never before approved medical research involving smoke or vaporized marijuana.
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>> and there is this. stop selling cigarettes. that's the request being sent to 28 attorneys general to five ceo's of mfive major retailers. says it is contradictory for stores to sell cigarettes and provide healthcare services. cvs promised to stop selling tobacco products by october 1st. >> we know about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke. there may be a third threat now. thirdhand smoke. john roberts explains how the smell is just as dangerous. >> a lot of it is tar, some of it is nicotine other chemicals in everything from walls to furniture to carpet to clothing. new research found that residue
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can stick to human dna in a way that causes the type of damage that can give rise to cancer. unlike secondhand smoke which dissipates thirdhand smoke never goes away. susan chicago is with the university of california, san francisco, she is an expert on the effects of tobacco. >> when you live with someone that smokes the thirdhand smoke is there all of the time means your exposure doesn't end when they put the cigarette out. you are being exposed constantly. >> most at risk are children and infants who crawl on contaminated floors or pick up things like toys or other objects that might be covered in contaminated due and put it in their mouth. it can be absorbed through the skin. experiments with animals mice who lived in cages began to show signs of hyperactivity poor wound healings and early signs
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of emphysema and pulmonary disease. you have to paint over walls and get rid of furniture and carpets contaminated. the risk does not end when the smokers leave. other studies found children who move into homes formerly occupied by smoker shos elevated levels of nicotine. the time is 26 after the top of the hour. coming up unions pulleybullied but wait until you see how this business fought back? >> what happens when an earthquake strikes in the middle of a live newscast. they were okay but that was pretty funny. first on this day back in 1931 shift -- schik marketed the first razor. >> it was more than 26,000 miles away. good job!
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it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don'drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> it is tuesday march 18th. new information about a mysterious turn the missing plane made before it vanished. did someone use the computer to preprogram the flight path? the new evidence under the
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microscope. >> are you eating cereal for breakfast? the price hike coming to a dairy i'll near you. >> forget diet instead eat a margarita. the secret ingredient that may help you slim down for summer. >> that is worth sticking around for. >> it changed my family in a big way. happy birthday, present. >> welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. we begin with a fox news alert for you. the malaysian mystery continues ten-days after flight 370
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disappeared new evidence suggesting the plane went off the route from a preprogrammed computer. many checks of people on board are coming back clean. >> ainsley and heather good morning to you. investigators are looking into the background of every ambassador. after investigators determined the missing plane's planned flight path was changed through an on board computer system the plane then made it's first turn to the west. that sputer system can only do that if someone programmed it on the plane.
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whoever did this had to have known what to do with the plane. it's not like someone grabbed the plane and took it in another direction. >> they are looking at a new claim that hijackers rapidly plunged the plane. scott parener tells fox news he finds this scenario hard to believe. >> it woul absolute extreme edge of the radar capability. it went down to 26,000 feet within a minute. for this to go down that fast it would have had a to have been traveling within the speed of sound. u.s. officials telling fox news the uss kid will be leaving the indian ocean befowhere it has b
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involved in search operations. heather and ainsley? >> that does bring us to our look at who is talking might boyd on the kelly file last night. he said this plane may have been targeted because of what it can carry. >> i think we will be happier somebody wants a plane that can carry a lot of fuel. i am afraid of that thing finding us. >> in other news this morning fashion designer lorin scott's shocking suicide leaving many wondering she was more than $6 million in debt. wnyw reporter linda smith has the story. >> fashion designer seemed to have it all she was a celebrity
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style list and long time girlfriend of mick jagger. the new york post is reporting scott texted her assistant telling her to come by. when she did she discovered scott's body. there was no note found and no foul play. >> some of the biggest stars including madonna, penelope cruz, nicole kidman oprah winfrey and first lady michelle obama. she created a more affordable line of clothes for baumann gnaw republic. >> her style really came from her heart. it cams from her own personal style. that's not something that you can fake. it was a unique style. >> mick jagger is on tour with the stones in australia. the singer is completely shocked and devastated.
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>> in other news new numbers and more problems for obamacare. two weeks until the signup deadline. with more on what's missing from the latest enrollment numbers and what experts are saying about it. >> there were so many problems with the obamacare web site the administration wouldn't say. 7 million is what they need to make it sustainable by the end of the month. kathleen sib beal why yous said the interest is growing. >> we are seeing enormous interest in march. nothing drives people like a deadline. folks want to know what their options are how to get coverage and i would say the first and
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easiest is it works very smoothly. >> let's take a closer look at the number. the 5 million should have an asterisk at the end. we don't know how many selected a plan and how many have paid for one. the previous numbers have been nonsense. those numbers become virtually meaningless we don't know how many are actual enrollees. when the stories go back and look at the signups and controversy they are going to go back and say it's amazing they reported these as actual enrollments when we know they are not actual enrollments. >> how many of those millions who don't know how many there are how many are young enough to make the system sustainable? that demographic question is
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going to be critical. >> doug luzader joining us live. >> a special ceremony aping at the white house. president obama will honor 24 vet tans with the medal of honor. they fought in the korean war and were given lower level models a year ago because of the wait. >> patriotic but very, very happy in this time in my life only three of the 24 recipients are alive today. >> some republicans are pulling out all of the stops to prevent military budget cuts by turning their attention to the defense department civilian personnel.
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they want to cut the work force by 15 percent. the large number of civilians have budget issues that also say are men and women in the uniform. the move could save more than 80 billion over five years. >> 20-year-old nicholas po sont was caught near the canadian border. he wanted to know how to take the country to its knees. they revealed they joined the national guard but was in the process of being released. they didn't meet the guard's qualifications. he is facing 15 years behind bars. ven knee shash voters will pass
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it on a nonbinding referendum to break away from the rest of the country and form their own state. the government's inability to stamp out corruption and citizens from a damaging recession. >> the pope canceled a meeting with actor russell crowe. pope frances was supposed to meet with the actor who is starring in the movie noah and give blessing for the film. it is controversial for the groups taking artistic license. noah opens nationwide on march 28th. a minor earthquake in california paves the way for jokes for the late night comedians. all of the news stations happens to be live on the air which made for unintentionally humorous
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moments. woe, big earthquake now. >> very large earthquake. >> coming up, more problems coming up. >> shocking cover. right? >> it is funny but it is really serious, too. gosh. i would duck under something. i don't know what. >> maria, what would you do? >> duck and cover. that's exactly what you are supposed to do when the earth starts shaking. pretty cool stuff that that was captured on video. i want to take you to parts of north carolina and virginia. this is freezing rain producing slippery conditions for your morning commute as we head out to work. we have a storm system and we
2:42 am
have significant snow expected today and tomorrow especially across parts of minnesota and wisconsin. that is what we could receive up to a foot of snow. in the center of the country storm system gusting up to 60 miles per hour. parts of colorado and also in western kansas out here. it will be a wibd de day out there. temperature wise heating up in texas. only in the 20's in new england. >> thank you very much maria. >> it is 42 minutes after the top of the hour. get a college degree without paying a dime out of pocket? the proposal that has you the tax payer footing the bill. >> it wasn't the seafood these customers had in mind. a restaurant fish tank burst during dinner.
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>> caught am camera. they maded a gun shot. he was ordered to turn over gun purchases that did not meet atf specifications. sh he refused to give authorities his customer list. they got their hands on the list of the names. they are accused of hiring none union workers they posted a sign outside that reads shame on subaru on wichita. they took it in stride put up their own banner that says for having unbeatable prices the union is accused of tar gepting businesses around the city without proving they did
2:47 am
something wrong. attend the community college for free. lori rock man from fox business network has more. >> free tu wigs for community college. it tried to incentivize them by expanding access to higher ed gages. they believe it will give students an edge in a competitive work force and a break in student loan debt. who foots the bill? you and me, taxpayers. he defends the proposal by saying free community college and increasing the number of students of college studentses while in high school taxpayers will benefit because it is cheaper to send somebody to community college than to have him or her in the social safety net. the cost has risen sharply because of reduced state support
2:48 am
and higher costs for healthcare and other things. it is still cheaper than you' university but costly enough about making people think twice about going after higher education. bill hag lan wants to use lottery money for free college money tuition to the tune of 34 million a year. see what happens. back to you guys. well now, it is 48 minutes after the top of the hour. forget diets, drink a margarita. the secret ingredient that could help us slim down for the summer. >> i don't think it's the salt. >> a big stink in one community over this. toilets hanging from trees. why? hear from the neighbors who are saying not in my backyard. >> but it is just so beautiful. >> first, yes steve doocy, what do you think about that? >> i am flushed with embarrassment. >> oh. >> fox and friends kicks off fr11
2:49 am
minutes from right now. the coverage of the missing malaysian jet continues. the new time line has more questions. our experts all weighing in. dick vital live with his march madness bracket and cheryl casone here with job advice for the millenium. we are kicking off right here on fox news channel. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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it is eight minutes till the top of the hour. a wild scene in san francisco caught on camera when a college protest gets violent.
2:53 am
protesters at the city college of san francisco are angry over a proposed pay hike for administrators. two people were arrested. people in colorado are upset about their neighbors' interesting choice of lawn art. they want the two old toilets that you see there and the sink that are tied to that tree trunk in the front yard, they want them removed. i wonder why. theyñ they're disgusting. the commode right at the property line faced towards me. so i said i had enough. i had them come out and build me a fence. that is so nasty. >> the woman responsible for the art wants to keep her identity a secret but says it is an expression of her creativity. >> agave could protect against type two diabetes.
2:54 am
professionals say they could be used as an alternative to sugar. >> an act of kindness touching the hearts of an elderly couple in california. they were eating at a cafe their $30 check. to their surprise they got a note from the waitress saying the kindness was even sweeter because the elderly man just lost his brother. >> they looked like a great couple and really love each other. i hope it made them a moment happy with that amount of sadness. >> she said she paid the bill because she thought their loud table disrupted the couple's breakfast. good for her. check out this crazy cat rocking a pretty crazy hair style with this mohawk. you can tell by his noneç
2:55 am
shall lent expression -- none -- chalent this is one cool cat. >> a little bit of editing magic and you can soar through los angeles and help police fight crime. >> every man's dream. my husband's at least. it is five minutes till the top of the hour. are you eating cereal for breakfast? you're about to get milked. a steep price hike tkoplg a dairy store near you. >> a driver now in pretty big trouble. ♪ ♪ co: i've always found you don't know you need a hotel room until you're sure you do. bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is what makes using the mobile app so useful.
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i can book a nearby hotel room from wherever i am. or, i could not book a hotel room and put my cellphone back into my pocket as if nothing happened. i don't need it right now.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. president obamaç awarding 24 army veterans with a medal of honor.
2:59 am
the brave men were given lower level medals years ago because of their race. if you like cereal for breakfast, you're about to get milked. the price for a gallon of milk expected to go up by a dollar. the mega millions jackpot is up to $400 million, the third highest in the history of the game. >> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. take a look at this. ♪ ♪ school choir in detroit singing the pharrell song "happy." the bad, a snowplow driving on the wrong side of the road. take a look at the close call of this car as it comes down a snowy hill in arlington, virginia.
3:00 am
the driver now out of a job. >> a wet mess after a giant fish tank burst in a diner. luckily all the fish, they are safe. a seam on the tank apparently opened up. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is tuesday, march 18. i'm expect. we begin with breaking news on the missing plane. new information about what happened in the cockpit. and now fears that thqç plane is in taliban territory. >> yes, she said taliban territory. another fox news alert. joe biden landing overseas to deal with russia as the country's prime minister mocks our sanctions calling president obama a prankster . thank you, dmitri. >> forget russia. the president focused on selling health care to


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